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About Extreme Istanbul

Extreme Istanbul Adventure Park, located on an area of ​​3,500 square meters in Bahcesehir Golet, was founded in 2019 by Extreme Works, which has carried out many projects and applications within the borders of Bahcesehirpark Cadde Mall project.

Extreme Istanbul Adventure Park, which was established in accordance with the international safety rules EN 15567, is operated with the ISO 17020 - A Safety Compliance Certificate issued by the Capstone Inspections.


Extreme Istanbul was awarded as Turkey's Most Successful Outdoor Themed Entertainment Center at the most prestigious competition in the entertainment industry in 2019 Star of Attraction.


As with all parks established by Extreme Works and hosting thousands of visitors every year, Extreme Istanbul also provides pre-use training to all guests. Special safety systems of German origin are used in Extreme Istanbul, which does not require physical intervention and is the highest quality system in the world.

If you want to get away from the stress of the city, spend hours full of excitement when you get close to nature, and enjoy adventure, we welcome you to Extreme Istanbul, the city's most entertaining adventure park.

Extreme Istanbul is Waiting for all Adventurers to Bahcesehir Golet!


Extreme Istanbul, the most entertaining adventure park of the city, offers unforgettable moments to all visitors who want to get away from the stress of the city, spend hours full of excitement in nature and get enough of adventure.

You do not need to go far to spend a day full of adventure, fun, and excitement in nature. Extreme Istanbul is waiting for you and your team, right next to the city!


Get ready for safe, healthy, and exciting hours with the courses spread over an area of ​​3,500 square meters in Bahcesehir Golet! Fun is guaranteed on a wide variety of Extreme Istanbul adventure courses that appeal to adventure lovers of all ages!

Choose your adventure, live your excitement!

✓ If you are a daring adventurer who is not afraid of heights, be ready to meet the colors of the sky you have never seen before on the high rope course! Where is your limit on the 3, 6, and 9-meter rope parks?

✓ “I want to jump, jump, and experience my excitement at the peak. " Those who say; zipline, free fall, giant swing, and jump & catch are just for you!

✓ If you say "I will break all walls with determination", choose your opponent on the transparent climbing wall and prove your determination!

✓ Our child visitors (100-130 cm), who have the opportunity to create their own adventures on the bouncing net course designed for young adventurers, will not understand how the time passes here. Enjoy safe fun while your children run from adventure to adventure on the bouncing net course


If you say “team play is our job”!

Create your team, choose the adventure park, go on an adventure! Have a team! Whether with your colleagues or schoolmates, set up your team and make your reservation right away. Don't miss the chance to take advantage of the special prices we offer for teams!

"In-house motivation is important." if you say!

If you say “We worked hard and deserved to have fun!”, Don't forget to contact us to get a special price quote!


"I overcome all difficulties with my family." if you say!

Extreme Istanbul Adventure Park is waiting for you and your family with adventure parks where parents and children can have fun together!


Extreme Istanbul is the address of exciting birthday celebrations!

Extreme Istanbul awaits you for your child's most unforgettable birthday celebration! Our little visitors celebrating their new-age at our facilities benefit from the adventure park free of charge as a birthday present. Visitors who attend the celebration have the chance to participate in our activities with a 20% discount.


It is possible to experience this excitement every day of the week.

Extreme Istanbul Adventure Park provides service 7 days a week to all visitors who want to experience the excitement at the peak and push their limits. We are waiting for you for unlimited action between 10.00-22.00 on weekdays and 10.00-00.00 on weekends.

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